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Travis pulls some key tracks from the 12 disc compilation A Reference Of Female-Fronted Punk Rock: 1977-89! Emmanuel dives into the CHUO record vault! AND MORE!

Hear these tunes:

Sheena & The Rokkets - Synkuu Pack - Omae Ga Hoshii (One More Time)
Mother’s Ruin - Godzilla 12” - Godzilla (A Japanese Love Song)
Kleenex - Single - Ü
Fatal Microbes - Single - Violence Grows
Agonia - [Unknown] -[Unknown title]
Poles - single - CN Tower

Dos - Dos - Number Two
Hüsker Dü - Zen Arcade - Something I Learned Today
Flesh Eaters - A Minute to Pray a Second To Die - See You In The Boneyard
Material Issue - Blockbuster EP - Cowboy Song

Rhythm of Cruelty - Dysphoria - Way of Grief
Zakary Slax - Teenage Mutant - Get Yr Shit Together
Baked Goods - The Bastard - Holy Ghost
Rainboard - The Midnight Slide - Mating Calls

Nap Eyes - Whine of the Mystic - Tribal Thoughts
Fountain - Fountain - Divide
She’s - She’s - Baby K


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Three fifths of THE YIPS join us in studio and play some choice tunes and share some STONE-COLD LAFFS! We talk to them about the their spooky pal Rave Ghost, Skrillex’s influence, and their past as CHILD GOLF PRODIGIES!

Plus hear these tunes: 

The Yips - Air Loom - Sadie 
The Yips - Air Loom - Repeater 
The Yips - Air Loom - Submariner 
The Yips - Air Loom - Wytch Elm 

Boyfriends - Unreleased - Track 
Organ Eyes - Visual Meetings - Ghost Lap 
Los Saicos - ¡Demolición! - The Complete Recordings - Demolición 
Pink Wine - Pink Wine - Better Half 
Tropical Dripps - Cool Dude - Cowboys 
Ensemble Sincron - Planetary Pebbles, Vol. 1: Surfbeat Behind The Iron Curtain - In Gara La Leordeni 

Sector 8 - 7” - Holloween Hollywood


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LIVE EPISODE THIS WEEK! Emmanuel and Travis teamed up with BRUISED TONGUE to party with a WHO’S WHO of Ottawa luminaries at Raw Sugar! We played tunes for three hours, and this week’s episode is one hour of PEAK LIVE RADIO!


Hear these tunes:

Feel Alright - Oahu Ohio
Hackamore Brick - Oh! Those Sweet Bananas

Roky Erikson and The Aliens - Bloody Hammer
The Deadly Snakes - Real Rock and Roll Tonight

Cold Warps - Stuck On an Island
Vacation - Running Back

Needles//Pins - Outta This Place
Steve Adamyk Band - Hate Myself
Masshysteri - Istiden
Spectres - Pattern Recognition

Delta 5 - Mind Your Own Business
White Wires - Don’t Call Me When You’re Ill
Royal Headache - Honey Joy

WANNA PARTY WITH CITY SLANG?! Come out to our LIVE EPISODE recording tonight at Raw Sugar! More info here.

And bring some donation money for CHUO, why don’cha! See the crazy stuff you can get by donating to community radio right here.


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Donation season! That means we talk big talk, give out loads of prizes, play crazy tunes, and give you a bonus St. Paddy’s day set! GET ON IT! It’s not to late to donate to CHUO and support indie radio! More details here

We play these tunes:
Teledrome - Teledrome - Boyfriend
Heaven For Real - Craft Single - Hero’s Code
Each Other - Being Elastic - Swell Patterns
Viet Cong - Unreleased - Bunker Buster

Perfect Pussy - Say Yes To Love - Driver
Eagulls - Posessed

Rudi - Crimson EP - 14 Steps…
Protex - I can’t Cope 7” - I can’t Cope
Stiff Little Fingers - Nobody’s Hero - Nobody’s Hero

TV Freaks - Two - Rewind
Average Times - EP - Summer Nights

Black Walls - Communion - Communion


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THE BEVERLEYS get blue on us and talk about porn bloopers! Plus talk of big macs, ghosts, and HSY crashes the show for MORE PORN TALK! Don’t tell your parents about this one.

Plus it’s funding drive season! Keep good shit like our show on the air! Click here for more info and to donate! Lotsa cool incentives!

Hear these tunes:

The Beverleys - The Beverleys - Bad Company
The Beverleys - The Beverleys - This is Not A Union
HSY - HSY 7” - Tartar Mouth
The Beverleys - The Beverleys - Dreams

Toronto Homicide Squad - Nein Bullets - Cold Eggs
The New Values - The New Values - Straight Line

Big Mouth - Sound - Sisyphus
RVIVR - The Beauty Between - The Seam
Rose Melberg - Distant Ships - Distant Ships

Metz - Metz - Wasted
Big Dick - Big Dick - Witchcraft
The Ketamines - Stay Awake 7” - Always Small


It’s funding drive time over at our headquarters, CHUO-fm89.1! Help CITY SLANG raise our goal of $300! 

Listen to the show LIVE TONIGHT for giveaways, and call in to donate! Donate online by emailing us at

Donate the following amounts and get OFF THE HOOK incentives.

$25 - Friend of CHUO card! Gets you mega discounts at killer shops like these!

$30 - CHUO bottle opener/key chain (this thing comes in handy) PLUS the Friend of CHUO card, AND THE FIRST ISSUE OF THE MUCH ANTICIPATED CITY SLANG ZINE!

$60 - Entry into two grand prize draws! (one entry into National Arts Centre draw PLUS one entry for Beau’s Natural Brewing Co. draw), a CHUO t-shirt, a CHUO bottle opener/key chain, the Friend of CHUO card, the CITY SLANG ZINE, and The Famines’ Raymond Biesinger’s book of Black & White illustrations!

$120 - Entry into FOUR grand prize draws! (1 entry National Arts Centre draw PLUS one entry for Beau’s All Natural Brewing Co. draw PLUS one entry into Black Sheep Inn draw PLUS one entry into Via Rail draw!), a CHUO t-shirt, a CHUO bottle opener/key chain, a Friend of CHUO card, and the CITY SLANG ZINE, and The Famines’ Raymond Biesinger’s book of Black & White illustrations!!

Grand Prize draws!

National Arts Centre draw ($750 value)

One voucher (admission for two) for each of the following months in 2014: May, June, September, October & November!

Beau’s All Natural Brewing Co. draw ($350 value)

Delivery of one case of four bottles to your home every month! Starts in May 2014, ends until April 2015.

Black Sheep Inn draw ($400 value)

2014 Season Pass that gives you access to every concert for the rest of 2014!

Via Rail draw ($1200 value) 

Four return tickets from Ottawa to Quebec City!

You can get more info at CHUO!

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One-man psych band PAUL JACOBS talks about cartoons, getting into trouble, and how his house burning down drove him to skateboarding. 

Plus hear our tapes of the week, a set of Windsor punk tunes, and brand new tracks. 

Paul Jacobs - Paul Jacobs - Bad Art, Bad Teacher 
Paul Jacobs - Coffin Ride - Sara’s Party 
Paul Jacobs - Drug Theaters - Trippin’ in the Park 
Paul Jacobs - Drug Theaters - Sharp Dress 
Paul Jacobs - Drug Theaters - Under Water 

The Spys - Single - Underground 
Luxury Christ - Problematic For the People - Difference 
Worry - II - Precision Auto (Superchunk) 

Devonian Gardens - Solar Shifting - Goldbond 
Cult Babies - Cult Babies EP - Good Death 

Bel Argosy - Let’s Hear it For Bel Argosy - Yer Door 
La Misma - S/T 7” - Guerras Silenciosas 
Damaged Bug - Hubba Bubba - Photograph 

Black Lips - Underneath The Rainbow - Smilin 
Nap Eyes - Whine of The Mystic - No Man Needs to Care 

Mode Moderne - Occult Delight - She Untamed


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Emmanuel and Travis play a buncha crazy new tunes! We introduce a new segment with a brand new theme song all about TAPES, TAPES TAPES!

Hear these songs:

Pypy - Pagan Day - Pagan Day
Strange Attractor - Back To The Cruel World - Real Dark Place
First Base - First Base - That’s My Girlfriend
Average Times - Average Times - Summer Nights
Amanita Bloom - Furniture Music - Often In The Spring Time

MASS - No One - Little Town
Young Widows - Easy Pain - Kerosene Girl
Endless Rope - Negi Surf Demo - Four-Colour Wonders
Reversing Falls - Reversing Falls - I Think We’ve Got a Problem

Ratstab - Noise War Demo - Mangel
Femmaggots - Femmaggots - Parking Lot
The Pink Noise - Inyrdisk Split - Crass
JLK & Babysitter - JLK & Babysitter II - Super Highway
Priests - Tape Two - Leave Me Alone

Lumpy & The Dumpers - Demo 1 - Face the Meat
Nos Bos - Nos Bos - Sloshing Footsteps

Tough Age - Tough Age Dream Date


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Dean of the killer ODONIS ODONIS discusses bad VHS movies, Canada’s archangel Thor, children’s television, and—most importantly—breakfast. Plus, non-stop bangers from Canada and beyond!

Hear these tunes:

Odonis Odonis -  Single - New Obsession
Odonis Odonis - Better EP - Flight Risk
Odonis Odonis - Hollondaze - Hollondaze
Odonis Odonis - Single - Are We Friends
Odonis Odonis - Hollondaze - We Are The Left Overs

Surveillance - Go Fuck Yourself - That’s Not Who I Am
Fountain - Fountain - New Age Prices
Androgynous Mind - Nightstalker - Knock On My Door

Absolutely Free - On The Beach - On The Beach
Stiu Nu Stiu - Ultra Silvam - Ultra Silvam
Clean Girls - Last House EP - First Day Ou

Spite House - Spite House - Tug of War
Mac DeMarco - Salad Days - Passing Out Pieces